Things to Do in the Yorkshire Dales This Winter

The Yorkshire Dales is can be as stunning place to visit during winter as it can at other times of the year. You’ll find less people visiting so get a sense of peace and quiet. Wrapped in a winter blanket of frost and snow you’ll see the area in a new light.

We’ve compiled a list of things you can do while at the Yorkshire Dales in winter:

Winter walks
Wrap up on a crisp morning, take a countryside walk, and enjoy seeing the glistening landscapes and snow-covered mountains. Towards the end of winter you’ll also start to see the valley meadows slowly come back to life, with spring flowers and newborn lambs arriving.

Visit historic towns and cities
At this time of year, our towns and cities are also much quieter and are quite different to during the summer months. Harrogate, York and Ripon are well worth a visit and you may even pick up a few bargains in the January sales.

Bird-watching in coastline views
If you venture a bit further afield, the clear, frosty winter skies make this an ideal time for bird-watching on the North Yorkshire coast. Walk along the deserted beaches, then warm up in a cosy pub and enjoy the local food and ales.

Look up at night in winter and you’ll be blown away by just how clear and bright the stars are. The dark winter skies of the Yorkshire Dales are well known for their large areas completely free from light pollution giving you a spectacular clear view of the Milky Way. Who knows? If you are really lucky you might even see the Northern Lights.

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is holding a Dark Skies Festival in February so be sure to check that out and make it a part of your stargazing adventure.

Indoor fun and activities
Winter rains may come, but it doesn’t have to spoil your fun in the Dales. Explore some of our castles, stroll around one of the many stately homes, museums and take a guided tour of one of the breathtaking caves. Learn how things are made and watch a blacksmith at work, see how cheese is made, or did you ever wonder how a twist is put on ropes! The options are endless.

Local food and drink
The Yorkshire Dales are renowned for the quality of the food and drink on offer. From humble cosy pubs to Michelin Starred restaurants there’s something for every taste and budget. We’re famed for the quality of our local produce and establishments try, whenever possible, to take advantage of this.

Local Dales breweries are also world renowned so make sure you sample a few when you visit.

See you soon
So what’s stopping you? Now’s a great time to visit and see the Yorkshire dales in a new light. And the best part… enjoy off-season rates and the peace and quiet.